July 11, 2023

How Do We Supply Offsets To Consumers?

One of the most common questions we receive is how the Yara team creates offsets to supply to consumers.

The Yara team has an exclusive contract with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a 501-C-3 non-profit organization.

BEF has been supporting water conservation projects across the country for decades. It has a thorough and accredited method of validating conservation projects and is trusted across the industry. The primary purpose of BEF is to supply very large water conservation projects for corporations to become water zero. Corporations such as Pepsi then donate large sums of money for portions of these projects to offset their water use, often as part of PR campaigns showing Pepsi’s commitment to the environment. The 1000-gallon water offsets sold by BEF discussed above is an attempt by BEF to make up any differences between corporate donations and the needs of the water projects. BEF has to focus on the large corporations to secure funding for its many conservation projects.

Essentially, BEF funds projects out of pocket that help conserve water. These projects are independently verified and displayed on a third-party registry. BEF then seeks to finance these projects by selling water credits specific to a certain project. These water credits are the ones that the consumer can buy, directly helping a chosen water conservation project.

To learn more about our partnership with BEF, check out the About page,