How does Yara make money?

One of the most common questions we receive is how Yara makes money.

At Yara, we believe that one of the most productive ways to combat the water crisis is to harness the power of the free market. Thus, while our mission is deeply rooted in helping the world end the water crisis, Yara still operates as a profitable business, so that we can self-sufficiently operate and grow.

At the core of our business model, Yara provides an free and easy way for consumers to monitor and track their water consumption. If users want to offset that water usage, Yara provides them an avenue to do so by selling water credits. Yara has negotiated a contract with Bonneville Environmental Foundation to buy water credits in bulk that are suitable for non-commercial purchase. Yara then takes these water credits and sells them to consumers, including a small payment processing fee (usually no more than $1 per credit). This payment fee provides funding to Yara as we continue to scale our business and increase the scope of our mission.